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A new race timing and tracking system offering superb levels of functionality at low cost.

Racetek can offer a complete timing, results and race management system from as little as £1/competitor


It's very cheap to get set up to run your own races. A full timing system for 200 competitors costs less than £500 with minimal ongoing costs.

Real Flexibility

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Real Time

Benefits for Competitors

  • Comfortable-to-wear tags with a choice of wristband types.

  • Easy to carry and use. Runners can choose wrist or fist.

  • Cheap to buy your own tag, they cost less than £2.

  • Clear visual and audible indication of dib.

  • Competitors can also carry a whole range of readable items such as bracelets, fobs or their tag can be embedded in their number.

Benefits for Organisers

  • Know each competitor's last location and when they were there in real time.

  • Low Cost Timing and Results: £1.50/competitor or £1/competitor if using our online entry partner Fabian4.

  • You can write to the tags as in an orienteering system and communicate in real time from the base units back to race HQ.

  • Results and Stage Times can be viewed immediately and published to PDF/XLS/CSV at the touch of button.